>Tutorial: How to create a StixNpops Arrangement

15 Feb


1. Materials

  • A base: Bucket, floral pot,  or basket
  • Floral Styrofoam
  • Tissue Paper Scrunchies on Stix (preferible on small bamboo sticks) the tissue paper can be just white, or combined with other colors to match your party decorations
  • Curly Ribbons on Stix. You can get creative and combine as many colors as you want, to match your party

2. Arranging the StixNpops

Start with you base, secure in your floral styrofoam. In this sample I stacked 2 floral foams and atached with a wooden stick.
Take your first StixNpop and find the front-center of the base.
For the Arrangement we are going to be arranging the StixNpops on 2 Rows, I will do each arrangement of 5 StixNpops, but you make them of 6, 8, 10 or 12 StixNpops, it depends on how big your Base is.

Before putting it in the foam, take your StixNpop by the Stick and Pull up the poly bag-like shown in the pic (you do not want to pull down the bag while inserting the stick, by doing this you may damage any sugar decoration on the StixNpops)

Insert it in all the way down into the foam, and at  the front -center (think of it as the first row) of the base.

Since I am making this arrangement of just 5 StixNpops, I will put 3 StixNpops in the First Row.
I take the second one and put it next to my centered one, but i just incline it a bit, like in a 60  degrees angle to the left.

The third one I put it on the right, also at a 60 degree Angle

All the StixNpops of the Front Row, insert them all the way into the foam

Now I start in the second row

I take my fourth StixNpops and I put in the second row, behind the First SNP and the second SNP, but kind of in the middle of them, and you just insert the Stick half the way into the Foam

For the Fifth on, do the same as you did for the previous one, just on the other side 

Here I am just showing you how it will look with 6 StixNpops. You can also see better in this pic how the Sticks of the SNP are inserted into to foam
3. Filling with Tissue Paper Scrunchies on Stix

Take your Tissue Paper Scrunchies, and start filling the  Front base of the arrangement

Continue filling in, until you can’t see the foam

This is how it looks with all the Tissue Paper scrunchies covering the base. You can leave it like this, or add a bit more “bling” I recommend the next step the Curling Ribbons!
Adding the Curly Ribbons Stix
Make some curling ribbons and add a couple to a bamboo stix, make several curly ribbons sticks, about 6-8 per arrangement
Distribute the curly ribbons through out the base of the arrangement. It will look good if you let some curly ribbons hang over the edge.

…and there you have it! a cute arrangement of StixNpops Edible Favors, not only cute to display at your Party’s table, matching with all your decor, but the best part is that these cute creatures are your guests’ favors!!!

Your guests will be delighted to take home one of these!!!
You will keep them forever in your memories, and on those great party Photos!!! They’ll look Phenomenal!!!
*You can also add bows, or flowers to decorate the base of the arrangement, get creative. 
*Instead of Tissue Paper scrunchies you can use decorative shredded paper.
*Use your imagination and make your StixNpops Arrangements a work of Art!!!

Here are some pics of some other arrangements


>Whimsical Love Birds Valentines Photoshoot

14 Feb


This is a very creative Valentines Table setting Collaborative Photoshoot Styled by Khaliah from The Party Muse and Corrin from Dahlia Galas. A few great Creative Women were part of this Project, at the end of this post will be a list of all the vendors.
I just have to say that this Whimsical Love Birds theme….is so cute and romantic!!! I love it!
Here you can see our StixNpops…These are the Petites, Chocolate Covered Marshmallows, with royal icing decorations…in this case I made the Love birds to match the table runner’s fabric!

Here is the list of all the vendors that participated in this beautiful Photoshoot, if you want to get more information about every vendor please visit The Party Muse Blog, Khaliah did a great job describing every one of us!!!

>Baby Monkeys

24 Jan


These cute monkeys are great for a neutral Baby Shower, multiples, or just a cute Baby Monkey Theme baby Shower.  Very cute, and they are all finished with pearl dust (a shimmering edible glitter) for extra bling!!!
You can choose the diapers and pacifier colors!
Personalization is included: add a number, a letter, monogram or short name up to 5 letters.


-Paper stick: 12” long

-Whole StixNpops (Including bottom marshmallows with personalization): 5 3/4″tall

-Actual figure: 2 1/2″ tall x 2 1/2″wide

Minimum order of 12 (all the same)
For Price information and to place your order please visit my Etsy Store  

>New Years Eve Tablescape

24 Jan

>New Years Eve Tablescape Challege On Children’s Party Network: Black and White New Year’s Eve Party
This was a great Challenge for all the Party Members of the Children’s Party Network. We were to create a New Years Children’s Party with a Black and White theme. It was wonderful to see how wonderful and creative women got together from all over the country to  brainstorm, participate,  and give ideas…to create 2 amazing tablescapes. The best part is that we were to auction these tablescapes  to benefit a great Non-Profit Institution: Project Night Night. I am thankful to have been part of this experience!!! plus I get to keep these beautiful photos!!!!
Thanks to everyone to participated on this Challenge! special thanks to Kristy McKarty from the Purple Pug who styled the Beautiful East Coast Team (my team); and to  Natalie Robles from Little Shindigs who styled The West Coast Tablescape.

East coast Team {my team}The Winner!!! 
Comic Theme Children’s New Year’s Eve Party
Comics, some splashes of Color and Bling!!

Star and Happy faces StixNpops with Edible glitter!!

To see more wonderful pics please visit The Purple Pug’s Blog

East Coast Team Resources {Team Participants}

West Coast Team
New Years Eve Party, Little Rascals Themed Party
Little Rascal theme complete with an Old Hollywood flair.
To view more wonderful details about this tablescape please visit Little Shindigs Blog

>Sneak Peek – Animals special order

22 Jan


This was a a very fun order for me!!!  This was for a very cute Baby Shower!!!
I love Custom orders, they give them the pleasure of challenging myself!
For this order, the client  from Pennsylvania (mother of the mother to be) wanted some of the animals I already have on my shop, but to match their Baby Shower Theme… the Scentsy Buddy Stuffed Animals…. I never heard of them before….but I love them now!!! I want one of each!!! The client were using the Scentsy Buddy StuffedAnimals were going to used as part of their centerpieces…. I just can imagine of how beautiful this Baby Shower turned out!

Ready to be packed…. 7 of them had each a letter to spell out the baby’s name… they rest had coordinated color flowers!!!! I just loved this order…loved all the colors!!! and loved the customer!!! 

>Petites Valentines Hearts StixNpops

22 Jan


Petites Valentine Sugar Hearts!!! they are the classic Marshmallow Pops covered in chocolate. 
with this version of Petites You will receive  in 1 order (12 Petites) covered in chocolate and decorated with sugar Hearts, and finished with Pearl dust (edible sugar shimmering sparkles)

  • Choose Chocolate Color: Pink, Red, White, Black, Hot Pink.
  • Choose Heart Colors (2) per order: Pink, Red, White, Black, Hot Pink.
  • Choose Heart Design: Polkadots or Lace.

Minimum order 6
(all the same, with no variations) the paper stick is 6″ and they each come wrapped in a cellophane bag and tied with a silver twist tie.

For more information and to place your order, please visit 
My Etsy Store 

>Chocolate Heart Boxes StixNpops

21 Jan


I think I have always received as part of my Valentines gifts…a chocolate box! 
Chocolate Heart Boxes are sooooo Valentines… so I decided to make my StixNpops version of it!!!! Great to give as favors on your next Valentines Party! it comes with a pink ribbon  with a tag attached (choose messages LOVE or I heart U) 
They are embellished with sugar Crystals, and you can choose the heart color: Pink or Red!

-Paper stick: 12” long
-Whole StixNpops (Including bottom marshmallows with personalization): 3″ tall
-Actual figure: 3 ” tall x 3″ wide

Minimum order of 6
To purchase this item, or for more information please visit my Etsy Shop