>A fun Day with Story Time Live

15 Jun

>This last weekend we surprised our girls… well the oldest Valeria almost 3 was surprised!!!
We took them to see Nick Jr. Story Time live … Valeria had a Blast… and in the intermission I surprised her again with a Kai-Lan StixNpop… watch her face! We had a blast!!! Valeria was clapping, singing, and dancing! she loved it, and our little one Sofia was very happy too, she kept swinging her legs, and was very focused on all the colors and lights!!!… if the Story time Live Tour is visiting your city make sure to take your kids… they’ll love it!!!
The Story Time live Tour was performed at the Fox Theater here in Atlanta, which is truly one of Atlanta’s Landmarks… if you do not live in Georgia, and one day plan to visit, please make sure to visit the Fox theater… for more information about the Fox, visit their website. 

 images courtesy Nick Jr, Story time live… we were not aloud to take photos during the show

Valeria happy to be in her own seat… and look the face of excitment with her Kai-Lan StixNpop
Us with our girls… Valeria and Sofia


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