>Creative Ideas- Vintage Ribbon Backdrop

28 Jul


What a creative way to decorate your main table’s backdrop! I found this Ribbon Backdrop DIY project at Amy Atlas 

You can customize it with all your Party colors, it’s not only a way to add color to you party but layers of texture and layers of fun!

In order to create this backdrop, assemble a pvc frame that fits the dimensions of your table (alternatively you can cut a large piece of foam core that fit the dimensions of your table). Cover the pvc frame or backdrop with sewn channels of white fabric to soften the look of the pipe in case it happens to peek through the draped backdrop. Rip fabric into long strips (width should be according to how thick you want your strips to be). Hang strips over the top of the frame, attaching them with a simple safety pin on the backside. Cut long pieces of lace trim and ribbons and add these strips in the gaps between the fabric strips using the same safety pin method. Continue to layer strips of fabric, ribbon, and lace until you achieve the desired look. If you wish, create a personalized bunting (Blair created a bunting using doilies, twine, and clothespins) and attach the bunting to the backdrop with pins.

One Response to “>Creative Ideas- Vintage Ribbon Backdrop”

  1. Marie July 29, 2010 at 5:17 pm #

    >I love the backdrop. Very creative!

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